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2 LAPD officers hurt after downtown LA march for reproductive rights gets unruly

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2 LAPD officers hurt after Downtown LA march for reproductive rights gets unruly 02:20

A march for reproductive rights took an unruly turn Tuesday evening near Pershing Square in downtown Los Angeles, which led to a massive response by the LAPD. 

Police issued a citywide tactical alert and setup skirmish lines to disperse people. Two LAPD officers suffered minor injuries, the department confirmed Wednesday. One of those officers may have been struck with his own baton. 

"I just know that he was attacked by part of the crowd of instigators," LAPD Capt. Steven Ruiz said. "And in doing so, he was possibly struck...I can't confirm that it was his baton, but he was struck in the head. But he's doing OK."

There were no arrests, police said. 

Cellphone video captured one moment where crowds appeared to surround a Homeland Security vehicle after they said it drove near protestors in an aggressive manner. Crowds reportedly broke out the window of the vehicle. 

Chief Michel Moore tweeted that there were reports of people in the crowd throwing rocks and bottles. 

As protestors marched down Hill Street, witnesses told CBSLA that some people broke out the front window of a Planet Fitness gym. There was also graffiti written on the L.A. City Hall building.

An abortion-rights advocate group had hosted an earlier, peaceful rally and march without incident. Most of the protest was peaceful, police stressed to CBSLA. It was just a small splinter group which clashed with officers following that rally.

As crowds dispersed, LAPD called off its citywide tactical alert, though it maintained a large presence in the downtown area to prevent any further incidents. 


LAPD cancels citywide tactical alert

Officials with the Los Angeles Police Department have cancelled the citywide tactical alert issued earlier after crowds of people protesting in downtown LA reportedly threw rocks and bottles. 

By Josh DuBose

Video shows crowds swarming around police cars

Cellphone video captured the moment that crowds in downtown LA swarmed a law enforcement car, which reportedly had its back window broken out. 

LAPD responds to crowds of protestors in downtown LA 03:37
By Josh DuBose

LAPD calls for skirmish line in front of city hall

A much larger group of protestors have gathered at 1st and Spring Streets near city hall and have taken over the intersection. LAPD has called for a skirmish line in this location as well. 

The citywide tactical alert continues because of the protests.

LAPD issues citywide tactical alert due to protests downtown 01:10
By Josh DuBose

Protestor said that they wanted to demonstrate peacefully

Police respond to protests in Downtown Los Angeles 04:14

One protestor said the incident began as a peaceful protest for abortion rights, however, a few began to block the intersection. 

By Matthew Rodriguez

Chief says crowd throwing objects at police

LAPD Chief Michel Moore tweeted that the crowd was throwing rocks and bottles at officers.

By Matthew Rodriguez

LAPD issues a city-wide tactical alert

LAPD has declared a city-wide tactical alert, placing all officers on high alert. Police are currently trying to control an unruly crowd of protestors 

By Matthew Rodriguez
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