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LAPD chasing possibly stolen vehicle near Canoga Park

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The Los Angeles Police Department is in pursuit of a possibly stolen vehicle near Canoga Park.


Driver bails out of car in Northridge

The suspect driving the reportedly stolen vehicle ran out of their car after briefly parking in a Northridge neighborhood.

The man began running down the neighborhood as a Los Angeles Police Department helicopter shined a spotlight on him.

The suspect surrendered shortly after running into a home's driveway.

By Matthew Rodriguez

Suspect continues to drive through red lights despite LAPD no longer chasing

The suspect continued to drive through red lights despite officers giving up the pursuit.

By Matthew Rodriguez

LAPD ends pursuit after suspect continues to drive dangerously

The Los Angeles Police Department terminated the pursuit after the suspect continued to drive at very high speeds and was oftentimes on the wrong side of the road.

Additionally, the driver sped through several red lights.

By Matthew Rodriguez

Suspect drives on the wrong side of the curvy Santa Susana Pass Road

The suspect continued to drive without headlights while sometimes driving on the wrong side of the road.

Pursuit suspect driving down dark roads with no headlights 00:56

The driver nearly hit several vehicles and avoided a spike strip while making his way back to Chatsworth.

Suspect avoids spike strip 00:40
By Matthew Rodriguez

Pursuit drives into a dead end in Simi Valley, manages to escape from police

The driver led officers with the Los Angeles Police Department through the San Fernando Valley and into Simi Valley.

Officers followed the suspect into a dead end but failed to pin the driver in and allowed him to escape.

Driver runs into dead end, quickly swerves around pursuing LAPD cars 01:05
By Matthew Rodriguez

Pursuit suspect reaches 80 mph on surface streets

The pursuit suspect was speeding through surface streets near Canoga Park and reached 80 mph at times.

The suspect was driving without any lights on and crossed over the center divider several times.

Police pursuing stolen vehicle suspect near Chatsworth 01:07
By Matthew Rodriguez
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