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Pursuit of stolen, sparking construction truck ends after armored vehicle pins it to center divide

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Fontana and Ontario police were in pursuit of an armed suspect who carjacked a construction truck near Claremont. 

Police began when the suspect was in another vehicle that was reported stolen on Monday. During the chase, the driver crashed and carjacked the construction truck.

The suspect hit several cars and blew out a tire. Sparks could be seen shooting out the back of the construction truck. 

He later briefly entered the I-10 Freeway and briefly drove head-on into traffic. He exited back onto surface streets shortly after.


Bearcat pins suspect's vehicle to center divider, suspect bails out

The armored vehicle pinned the suspect's vehicle to the center divider after briefly following it. 

The suspect quickly jumped out of the vehicle and ran across the freeway. Police cornered the suspect at a wall beside the freeway before a K-9 unit attacked him. 

Armored vehicle pins suspect's truck, driver quickly jumps across freeway lanes 02:19
By Matthew Rodriguez

Bearcat arrives to the pursuit

The authorities deployed an armored vehicle called a Bearcat to the pursuit. 

It was seen following the suspect on the westbound side of the I-10 Freeway. 

By Matthew Rodriguez

CHP shuts down eastbound I-10 at Fairplex Drive

The California Highway Patrol has closed the eastbound side of the I-10 Freeway at Fairplex Drive.

By Matthew Rodriguez

Suspect exits freeway, goes through construction zone

The suspect slowed down after exiting the I-5 Freeway and knocked down cones as he entered a construction zone. 

Stolen construction vehicle exits freeway, drives through construction zone 00:42
By Matthew Rodriguez

Sparks fly from behind a stolen construction truck, driver hits another vehicle

Sparks were flying from the back of the stolen construction truck when the suspect sideswiped another vehicle on the westbound I-10 Freeway.

Suspect crashes into another vehicle as sparks fly from the tail end of truck 01:19
By Matthew Rodriguez
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