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Zimnicki Guitars Uses Reclaimed Wood For Old Sound In New Instruments

"I had very low expectations for how it was going to sound. I just thought it would look interesting because it was different," said Gary Zimnicki, owner of the custom instrument business.

Zimnicki Guitars has been around for 30 years creating unique musical instruments including mandolins, ukuleles and of course, guitars. They have recently been using reclaimed wood from Detroit in the construction of those instruments.

Rob Bourassa played one of the guitars for the CBS 62 cameras during the recording of an Eye On Detroit segment.

"What I really seem to be hearing pretty consistently from the instruments that are made with reclaimed woods is that they sound much older than you'd expect them to sound." The wood is uniquely suited to being used for instruments. "It has aged and seasoned in ways that can't be duplicated." added Zimnicki.

He hopes the people who lived in the places where the wood has been sourced will get a smile knowing that a part of where they lived has been given a new purpose.

The instruments are also a symbol for how people inside and outside of Detroit should view the city's potential, "You don't have to give up on something," said Zimnicki.

Learn more about custom instrument-maker Zimnicki Guitars at their official site.

This feature is part of CBS 62's Eye On Detroit series as seen weekdays during "CBS This Morning" between 7 and 9 a.m.

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