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Woman found in Inkster after reported missing seven years ago

Woman missing since 2017 found in Inkster hotel
Woman missing since 2017 found in Inkster hotel 02:29

INKSTER, Mich. (CBS DETROIT) - Authorities say a tip led them to a motel in Inkster, where they found a woman who hadn't been seen by her family in years.

"We were given a tip by her stepmother that she contacted her and said she was being held against her will in a hotel room," said Michigan State Police Lt. Mike Shaw.

The woman, who was reportedly in her twenties at the time, had been missing since 2017. Now in her thirties, it's the first time her family talked to her since she was reported missing.

MSP investigators were immediately on the hunt at this motel. 

"They kind of did surveillance around the area, they could hear some screaming or crying they heard some noise coming from the hotel room that they thought it was," Shaw said.

Once inside, authorities connected with the woman.

CBS News Detroit visited the motel, hoping to get more information as to how the woman arrived. However, management declined our questions.

Nearby businesses found the situation shocking, but they know the area has its challenges.

"In the motel behind us, we see a lot of drugs coming in and out. I had a gun pulled on me in the parking lot about a month ago, they were trying to sell drugs to our customers, and when I walked over, they pulled a gun out," said Patrick Clark, who does security at a nearby dispensary.

The woman was alone in the room at the time. We're told she is a Michigan resident. 

A suspect has been identified, but investigators must determine how the woman disappeared.

"It may take us nowhere. It may not be something that we can charge criminally, but at least we got her out of the situation," Shaw said.

Cases like these can get especially tricky when the victim is over the legal adult age.

"You can walk away from home at 18. You don't have to tell people where you are going, but still, we want people to make that missing report," Shaw said.

According to police, the victim is getting counseling. Whether someone will face charges is unclear.

Investigators say the level of crime must be determined before moving forward.

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