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Woman files sexual harassment lawsuit against Metro Detroit chiropractor

Woman accuses Metro Detroit chiropractor of sexual harassment
Woman accuses Metro Detroit chiropractor of sexual harassment 02:40

(CBS DETROIT) - A Metro Detroit chiropractor and his place of employment are at the center of a sexual harassment lawsuit. 

Attorney Azzam Elder said he filed a lawsuit Friday against John Pispidikis and Spinal Recovery Services on behalf of his client, a former patient. 

"After talking to the client, we had no choice but to bring this public and let people know that he is a predator," Elder said. 

Elder said Pispidikis, a chiropractic neurologist and nurse practitioner, treated his client for severe neck and back injuries she sustained in a car accident. 

According to the lawsuit, Pispidikis allegedly became more aggressive and touched his client inappropriately.

"What you saw on video was her last visit, which was recently Feb. 6," Elder said.

Elder said his client confided in a friend about the way Pispidikis was touching her during her visits. That friend instructed her to obtain a hidden camera and record it. 

Elder said the video shows Pispidikis standing his client up against the door to the room with no shirt on. In the video, he said that Pispidikis grabbed his client between the legs repeatedly. 

"He was not providing medical services; he was doing what he wanted for sexual gratification, and that's just unacceptable, and the world needs to know who he is, and he needs to be held accountable. This person is a sexual predator, and he has no business practicing medicine," Elder said. 

Elder said his client was called repeatedly after she stopped showing up for her appointments. 

"Even after she stopped seeing him, he had his office call her multiple times, and they would tell her, 'Dr. Pispidikis needs to follow up with you. He needs to see you,'" Elder said. 

Because of the alleged actions of this medical professional, Elder fears there may be more victims out there who are too afraid to speak up. 

"He is a danger. If they know anyone else who is a witness or is a potential victim, they need to contact the police department or contact our offices. We've got to make sure that we put him out of business or at least hold him accountable because he should not be practicing medicine," Elder said. 

Warren police confirmed there is an investigation into Spinal Recovery Services, and those findings will be handed over to the Macomb County Prosecutor's Office for review. 

Elder also said he served the lawsuit to Spinal Recovery Services around noon Friday in person.   

CBS Detroit visited Spinal Recovery Services on Friday, but they were closed. CBS Detroit also reached out to Pispidikis for comment but our message was not returned. 

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