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Woman Clearing Out Garage Finds Historic Photos Of John F. Kennedy On Campaign Trail

DETROIT (CBS DETROIT) -- A rare piece of presidential history has been discovered in a garage in Arizona. Images of John F. Kennedy on an old-fashioned whistle-stop train tour in Michigan have surfaced.

Alan Glenn President of the Michigan History Project says that the Kennedy tour went through 10 cities in the state and was covered by a former Ann Arbor News photographer, Doug Fulton, who rode the nine-car "Kennedy Campaign Special."

"It's a series of photographs of presidential candidate John F. Kennedy on what was called a 'Whistle Stop Tour' - where the train would pull into the station and he'd stand on the back of the platform and make a speech," says Glenn.

He says the tour covered nearly 250 miles of Michigan countryside and 10 cities.

"Even back in 1960 - that was sort of old fashioned -- that same year, 1960, Richard Nixon did whistle -stops too, and that may be the last presidential election where the candidates did that."

Famous Michigan landmarks such as the Kalamazoo City Hall, Battle Creek's Kellogg Auditorium and Lansing's State Capitol building helped identify locations in some of the photos.

The photos [VIEW HERE] were donated to the project by the wife of a late photographer who worked for the Ann Arbor news in 50's through 80's.

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