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Wixom's 'Chef Noodles' Is A Parking Lot Entrepreneur

WIXOM (WWJ) - Some people are trying to ride out the rough economy by going into business for themselves.

In Wixom, WWJ's Sandra McNeil spoke with a parking lot entrepreneur known as "Chef Noodles," who isn't whipping up pasta, but is drawing a steady following of customers.

From Thursday to Sunday, Jerome Boykin sets up his massive oil drum barbecue in the parking lot of the Wixom Food market and grills ribs, pulled pork and chicken.

"I can't explain it. It's that good, it's just so good," said Vincent Pryszmark, who eats there frequently.

Boykin, who drives a truck the rest of the week, said he doesn't worry too much about the economy because people have to eat.

"It's something that nobody has, at least for 25 miles each way, the way we do it. And we do it the right way -- we don't bake, boil our ribs or nothin'," Boykin said.

So, how's business?

"I've been selling some ribs up here, you know. Like I tell everyone else, we're not doing good, but we ain't doing bad either, just like everybody else. We struggle, just like everybody else," he said.

"It's hard and it's scary, but hey ... I like to roll the dice. That's what I did. I rolled the dice and here I am," said Boykin.

Boykin said he wants to eventually build a permanent location and a steady business he can leave to his son. "This is what I love to do ... this the future right here. Like I said, we're building our business brick by brick," Boykin said.

As for the recipe ... he's not telling.

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