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What happens during a government shutdown?

CBS News Detroit Digital Brief for Sept. 21, 2023
CBS News Detroit Digital Brief for Sept. 21, 2023 03:19

(CBS DETROIT) - A government shutdown is growing more likely to happen as lawmakers haven't reached an agreement to pass a short-term funding bill, and the deadline is approaching.

Reaching an agreement by the end of the month is necessary, but disagreements between the two parties have kept that from happening.

On Sunday, Sept. 17, a group of House Republicans proposed a temporary funding measure to fund the government through Oct. 31, including an 8% budget cut for agencies except for the Defense Department and Veterans Affairs. 

The proposal does not include any aid for Ukraine or funding for disaster relief.

The bill received pushback from hard-right members, and even if it passes the House, it will need to pass the Senate, where Democrats hold the majority. In addition, it isn't likely Biden will sign the temporary proposal either, due to reasons like its exclusion of additional assistance for Ukraine. 

When will the government shutdown?

A government shutdown will happen at the end of the day on Sept. 30, at midnight as the day changes to Oct. 1, if Congress does not reach an agreement and passes new legislation on funding before then. 

What happens during a government shutdown? 

During a government shutdown, only essential work will continue.

Employees who are considered non-essential will be furloughed. These employees and federal employees who are required to work will not be paid during the shutdown, but they will receive backpay once the shutdown is over due to legislation signed in 2019. 

Agencies have contingency plans that explain what will continue to happen during a shutdown and what operations will stop. To view the plans for each agency and common questions, visit here

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