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VIDEO: Cedar Point Space Spiral Crashes To The Ground

SANDUSKY, Ohio (CBS Detroit) - For many in Metro Detroit, it will remain a part of our summer fun childhood memories. But, following an explosion Wednesday, Cedar Point's Space Spiral came crashing to the ground.

In operation since 1965, the family friendly, high-rising, slow-spinning ride is being removed from the Sandusky, Ohio park to make way for GateKeeper, a new "winged coaster" set to debut next year.

The demolition was handled by a third-party contractor.

"Workers calculated precisely where the tower would land, and dug a large hole into the fall zone to cushion the impact of the cabin area," according to park officials. "Everything was executed safely and according to plan."

Although Space Spiral ridership has greatly declined over the years as crowds lined up for a growing collection of rollercoasters, not everyone is thrilled to see it go.

"I don't know how they could have done it differently but I think it could have been different than blowing it up. It felt to me like blowing up an old friend," commented Molly Brown, on Cedar Point's YouTube page.

Disaster Transport will also be removed to make way for GateKeeper.

Will you miss the Space Spiral? Comment below.

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