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Undecided Voters: This Website May Help

DETROIT (WWJ) -The robo-calls are relentless, the airwaves cluttered with campaign commercials, and mailboxes are stuffed with candidates' pleas, yet the polls say many voters in Michigan and across the country are undecided.

Can an interactive website help?

Taylor Peck, who founded in 2012 before the presidential election, told WWJ that the website is the only interactive site that gives voters the chance to find other voters and candidates who think like they do.

"Anyone can sit down and we'll do all the homework for you by showing you which candidates and state ballot measures you agree with," said Peck.

The quiz asks voters for their opinions on a number of hot button issues. The results then reveal which candidates running in their state most closely align with the voter's political views.

Peck said the site takes no money from candidates or special interest groups and is self-funded with Google Adworks advertising which covers the overhead.

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