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Grandfather Uber Driver Battles Cancer, Works To Pay Off Home For Daughter

By Edward Cardenas

LIVIONIA (CBS Detroit) - Ken Broskey is in the battle of his life, and instead of going into hospice, he is driving for Uber to provide for his daughter and grandchildren.

Broskey is a driver for the on-demand car service who is also battling stage 4 cancer.

According to an email from Uber, the 69-year-old was told by his doctors to head to hospice as he fights oropharyngeal cancer with lung metastases. But he is continuing to work, providing rides to customers to earn as much money as he can so his daughter and two grandchildren can continue to live in his house after he is gone.

His effort received a boost after Roland Gainer, who requested a ride from Uber with Broskey as his driver. During their 12 minute ride, Gainer learned about his story and why he was driving for Uber.

His story moved Gainer, who started a GoFundMe campaign to help Broskey reach his goal.

"As a single mother and waitress, he knows that things will be hard without him and like any good father or grandfather; he worries about and wants to protect and provide for his family," Gainer wrote in his GoFund post. "My unlikely friendship with Ken has defied age, race, geographic, and economic boundaries and is bound by the common good of mankind."

He stated that he hopes to raise $95,000 to save Broskey's house for his family.

The effort has raised more than $17,000 in just one day, including a $5,000 donation from his employer Uber. In an email, the company stated that it will donate $1 more for everyone who enters the code UberPartnerKen in their Uber app and rides before April 20.

A Twitter campaign was also launched with the hashtag #UberPartnerKen to help raise awareness about the campaign.

Additionally, The Social Club Grooming Co. in Detroit will be hosting a fundraiser from 5:30 - 8 p.m. Wednesday night.

Organizers will be providing haircuts for a minimum donation of $100. In addition to a haircut, American Coney Island and Beans & Cornbread is donating food for the fundraiser.

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