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UAW makes major negotiation progress with Ford, but not GM and Stellantis. Here's what to know

Shawn Fain: All General Motors, Stellantis parts distribution workers to strike at noon
Shawn Fain: All General Motors, Stellantis parts distribution workers to strike at noon 17:02

(CBS DETROIT) - As the UAW strikes continue, the union's president, Shawn Fain, called for autoworkers to strike at all General Motors and Stellantis parts distribution centers.

Workers were called to begin striking against these facilities at noon EST on Friday, Sept. 22, as Fain announced they have made significant progress in negotiations with Ford Motor Company but not with General Motors and Stellantis. 

To see the full list of plants striking, visit here

UAW strike expands to 41 locations. Here's what to know. 02:19

Progress with Ford's latest offer

  • Rawsonville Components and Sterling Axle employees will now be on the same wage skill as assembly workers (eliminates a wage tier).
  • Ford agreed to reinstate the cost of living adjustment (COLA) formula that was suspended in 2009. This offsets increases in inflation. 
  • UAW workers will have the right to strike over plant closures.
  • The company agreed to enhanced profit sharing that would have resulted in a 13.3% in increases for the average employee in payouts last year.  In addition, they agreed to expand profit sharing to temporary employees who have been employed for at least 90 days. 
  • Ford also agreed to the immediate conversion of all temporary workers who have been employed for 90 days upon implementation. 

"To be clear, we're not done at Ford," said Fain. "We still have serious issues to work through, but we do want to recognize that Ford is showing that they're serious about reaching a deal; at GM and Stellantis, it's a different story."

Ford released the following statement on its negotiations with the UAW:

"Ford is working diligently with the UAW to reach a deal that rewards our workforce and enables Ford to invest in a vibrant and growing future. Although we are making progress in some areas, we still have significant gaps to close on the key economic issues. In the end, the issues are interconnected and must work within an overall agreement that supports our mutual success."

Latest offers from GM and Stellantis

During the announcement, Fain said the UAW has "won a serious victory" with GM that would eliminate the wage tiers for workers at Customer Care and Aftersales (CCA) and GM Components Holdings (GMCH). These workers will now be on the same scale as assembly workers. 

Fain says while this is a victory, both companies are still offering a deficient COLA and have rejected all of the UAW's job security and profit-sharing proposals and the proposals to convert temporary employees. 

For more on what Fain announced during the Facebook Live, visit here, or watch the announcement, along with expert analysis here:

UAW President Shawn Fain calls for strikes against all GM, Stellantis parts distribution centers 42:14

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