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Two-Story Banner Of Detroit Student Will Greet Those Visiting New Museum Exhibit

DETROIT (WWJ) -- A two-story image of a Detroit third-grade girl was unveiled Wednesday on the Woodward side of the Detroit Historical Museum.

The banner calls attention to the St. Vincent and Sarah Fisher Center exhibit of nursery rhyme-themed stained glass windows at the museum. As for the girl featured, Diane Renaud with the Center said that Erin is one of the students in their after-school program.

"We wanted to feature her because she is a great example of a student who has literally taken advantage of the windows of opportunity that we have provided to our students through our free educational support programs that we offer to both children and adults to help them to move towards empowerment and self-efficiency through education," Renaud said.

Erin Thomas with mother Melanie Young and SVSF Children's Director Eva Essex 2
Erin Thomas with mother Melanie Young and SVSF Children's Director Eva Essex (Photo: St. Vincent and Sarah Fisher Center)

For her improvement, Erin received a certificate from her school at the end of the last school year. Her mother said Erin increased almost two grade levels, giving her the greatest improvement of any student in her grade on a standardized reading test. Her mom attributes Erin's success to the SVSF after school program.

The banner  is promoting the upcoming St. Vincent and Sarah Fisher Center exhibit titled "Windows of Opportunity" at the museum which runs from October 11 through December 28 at the Detroit Historical Museum.

"We are going to be featuring historic stained glass windows from the center that feature Mother Goose nursery rhymes," Renaud said. "The windows themselves are unique in that the certain artistry that there is only approximately five people in the state of Michigan who do this sort of craftsmanship."

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