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Top 10 U-M, MSU Jokes

By Christy Strawser, digital director

DETROIT (CBS Detroit) The big rivalry is this weekend, which means it's time to bust out the best and brightest in trash talk between U-M and Michigan State fans.

Here's a little something to get you started --

10. What does a State grad call a U-M grad? The boss

9. Why did the U-M grad cross the road? Because they thought someone on the other side didn't know where they went to school.

8. What's the difference between a State grad and a large pizza? The pizza can feed a family of four.

7. Why was the field at the Big House changed to cardboard? Because Michigan looks better on paper.

6. How do you get a State grad off your porch? Pay for the takeout.

5. Why did Mrs. Arbor refuse to name her daughter Ann? Because everyone knows Ann Arbor is a little bitch.

4. How do you keep a Spartan out of your yard? Put up a goal post.

3. What's the difference between Frosted Flakes and U-M? Frosted Flakes belong in a bowl.

2. Why did the State grad keep his diploma on the dashboard? So he could park in a handicapped space.

1. What's the difference between a dollar bill and U-M? The bill is good for four quarters.

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