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Tigers' Minor League Team Will Host #AlternativeFacts Night, Celebrating A Championship It Didn't Win

By Dan Jenkins

Little did presidential adviser KellyAnne Conway know, but she opened Pandora's Box in January when she accidentally coined the term "alternative facts" during a live television interview.

Since then, the internet has been mercilessly making fun of the phrase. Latest to jump on the bandwagon is Detroit Tigers Double-A affiliate the Erie SeaWolves.

The team announced Friday that on August 25 it will host #AlternativeFact Night to celebrate its 2016 Eastern League Championship -- a title that it did not win.

"On Alternative Facts Night, the SeaWolves will celebrate facts that the team knows to be true - even if some media outlets may dispute them. The first 1,000 fans in attendance will receive a 2016 replica championship ring celebrating the SeaWolves' 2016 Eastern League title. While it was a tough decision to decide which championship to honor, the team will celebrate its most recent one."

"Alternative Facts have become a part of popular culture in 2017," SeaWolves Team President Greg Coleman said. "We plan to interject truthful hyperbole into all aspects of the game on this night from our giveaway to the between innings fun. It's going to be huge."

The shots at the current presidential administration didn't stop there. In the announcement, the SeaWolves said that though their home ballpark holds only 6,000 fans, it expects 1.2 million people to be in attendance -- a reference to the disputed number of attendees at President Donald Trump's inauguration.

"The SeaWolves' opponent on this night may dispute the team's 2016 title run. Very unfair. It is up to the fans, who are tremendous fans by the way, to decide."

All joking aside, the SeaWolves say they will raise money benefiting local public schools and will donate proceeds from in-game fundraising.

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