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Thousands rally in Dearborn to support Palestine

Thousands rally in Dearborn to support Palestine
Thousands rally in Dearborn to support Palestine 01:36

DEARBORN, Mich. (CBS DETROIT) - On Saturday, thousands took to the streets of Dearborn for an "All out for Palestine" rally. 

"We're here. You can hear our voices. We are America's citizens. We have a right to tell you what we want," said one of the several participants in Saturday's rally who wished to remain unidentified. 

"We are demanding the end for the siege on Gaza. We are demanding for a cease-fire. We're demanding for their human rights to be in place," said another participant.

"We have to stand up and rise to be with our brothers and sisters in Palestine. We have to support our people. They're in a place where they're being bombarded," said another.

Many of those marching called for support for their family and loved ones.

"I have family overseas. I have family in Palestine. I have friends in Anzah, and it's breaking my heart to see them living in terror, living under terror, living under terror for the past century," said one marcher.

"To our brothers and sisters in Gaza, we hear you. We're with you. We're standing with you. You're not alone. We're doing our best even all the way from Detroit, Michigan. We're going to do our best to support you. To know you are loved, you are heard by us, we will be your voice here," said another marcher.

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