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These are the scariest movies according to science

(CBS DETROIT) - What's the scariest movie of all time? The answer might be subjective. However, entertainment company Broadband Choices recently used science to find the answer. 

In the company's annual "Science of Scare" study, researchers curated a list of the most terrifying movies and showed them to 250 participants in customized "screaming rooms" to find out which horror flicks pushed them to the edge. 

In order to achieve this, researchers monitored viewers' heart rates while watching popular scary movies. 

Each of the films chosen for the study was picked based on critics' reviews and horror experts. 

Toni Collette in "Hereditary."  A24

From there, researchers compared spikes in viewers' heart rates to the average resting heart rate of the total sample size, which has been 64 BPM each year. 

This year, the top 10 scary movies were:

Twenty other scary movies were also ranked. You can find the complete list and more information on the study here

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