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The Wearable Computer 'Google Glass' Gets Test Run In Detroit

DETROIT (WWJ) - If you like the latest tech gadgets, this is your weekend to explore what will be coming into the marketplace soon.

The new Google Glass was available for folks to check out at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit.

The wearable computer doesn't come out until next year but Google's Anna Richardson explains what you can do with the lightweight eyeglass frames that have a small lens on the right side that is your display.

"You'll be able to get your email, your calendar, you'll be connected also with your phone. You can send text messages - make phone calls - do video conferences, also get directions - navigation is a big part," Richardson said. "It's kind of everything you love about your cell phone but in this very new different technology - much smaller than what you happen to be wearing.

It's all part of the Google suite of apps that you get once you sign in says Richardson.

Most people at the event like Abdul of Sterling Heights, are impressed, "I think it has high potential because you can do lots of stuff with it."

"I thought it was awesome," said Nick from Detroit. "I'd like to purchase one. I think there is room for improvement ... but I thought it was awesome."

The glasses cost $1500 -- and many checking it out at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit want to see the price lowered. You can find more information - HERE.

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