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The Mysterious Personality, 'Pillow Talk' Host, Alan Almond Dies

BIRMINGHAM (CBS RADIO) - The mysterious personality behind the late-night 'Pillow Talk' radio music show has died.

Iconic Detroit radio personality Alan Almond died Tuesday at his home in Birmingham.

Almond became the mysterious legend behind the music for those lost in love and those finding solace in the music he played late at night, interjecting thoughts and emotions the audience connected to -- delivered in a baritone voice, which was often imitated, never duplicated.

Pillow Talk was the creation of Almond and was syndicated throughout the country for years.

Dick Kernen, vice president of Specs Howard School of Media Arts told WWJ that Alan Almond never wanted anyone to know what he looked like, which was part of his aura on radio:

"That was very important to Alan that he not ever be recognized because he was so popular that he would have struggled to have a life - had anyone known who he was," said Kernen.

Kernen said the death of Almond is a major loss: "Here's a guy who did something that had never done before."

"Alan pioneered and became this amazing personality no one ever knew what he looked like ... and every night he would go on the air and do a show that no one had every heard of before or experienced before - he was definitely a pioneer."

He said Almond was very down to earth and did not want any part of celebrity.

"But Pillow Talk wasn't just about love songs and candlelight. It is a great object lesson in risk-taking, boldness, trust, serendipity, teamwork, and what has always made radio a special medium: theater of the mind," noted in a 2015 interview with Almond.

The cause of death has not been released but a person connected with the family stated it was natural causes. Almond was believed to be in his sixties.

Funeral arrangements are being planned through A.J. Desmond Funeral Home in Troy.

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