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Michigan teen traveling with U of M football celebrates team championship

Michigan teen traveling with U of M football celebrates team championship
Michigan teen traveling with U of M football celebrates team championship 02:37

(CBS DETROIT) - Noah Wells just experienced the time of his life as Michigan football wrapped up its season with a National Championship victory over Washington Monday night. 

"It's just been incredible, a few happy tears for the first time in a while," Noah said. 

Noah joined Michigan Football almost two years ago through an organization called Team Impact, which helps kids and teens battling illnesses connect with college athletic teams. Team Impact tweeted a photo of Noah after the Wolverines won the championship. 

Noah, his mom, dad, and his younger sister Ava traveled with the team to the Rose Bowl in their win over Alabama and most recently to Houston to watch them win the National Championship. 

His dad, Josh Wells, said the family has been to nearly every home game over the past two years, but the recent win in the National Championship Monday night was an amazing way to end this season. 

"The kids worked so hard, and they put in all that time and effort, and we've got to be part of it for the past two years, with this really magical run, so it feels great," he said. 

Josh Wells said he's hosted Michigan players at his Metro Detroit home over the years and they have made Noah feel like a part of the team and part of the Michigan football family. 

Noah has been battling Jeune Syndrome since birth. He was born with an undersized rib cage and has had more than 60 surgeries to help correct the condition. 

Life has been tough, but Josh said being part of such a great program of players and coaches has brought plenty of great experiences and lots of happiness to his son's life. 

Noah said this year has been amazing to be a part of and recounts the moment he knew Michigan was going to win the National Championship. 

"I think Blake Corum's touchdown in the first part of the fourth quarter," Noah said. 

Noah's mom, Trisha Wells, said this experience through Team Impact has been surreal. 

"It's been amazing, the guys have been amazing, the players are amazing, seeing them at the hotel last night, after they won and saying congratulations, seeing their excitement and Noah's excitement, it's a dream come true for sure," she said.

Noah said he is still in disbelief about all that he has experienced with the Michigan Wolverines football team. 

"I still can't believe it, I don't know if it's set in yet," he said.

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