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Street Team Explores African World Festival

The CW50 Street Team got a taste of African Culture at the 32nd annual African World Festival in downtown Detroit this weekend. The festival was held outside the Charles H. Wright Museum.

"We love coming here," said Baba Osaygefo, one of the founding members of the festival. "I enjoy the music probably as much as anything and the food is quite nice. There is always the opportunity to wander around and look at some of the great arts and crafts assembled around the world."

Beside the food, music and art, participants enjoyed the sense of community the event offered.

"It's great to be a part of the community," said Xavier Vance. "I love coming down here every year."

People traveled far and wide just for the chance to experience the African World Festival.

Sandra Second is one such person who traveled from out-of-state to participate at the event. She and her company San Jules are originally from Brooklyn, New York. This was Sandra's second year as a vendor at the festival.

"I came here to explore Detroit and see what it has to offer," said Sandra.

Bob Turlington was another participant who traveled far from Fort Lauderdale, Florida just to experience the culture of the festival.

"It's my first time ever in Detroit and I wanted to see what it's all about," Turlington said. "I love seeing people getting involved."

The African World Festival is annual festival that the CW50 Street Team is excited to see what it will offer next year!

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