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Spike Lee Promotes Rally For Colin Kaepernick, Spells His Name Wrong On The Flyer [PHOTO]

By: Evan Jankens

Many believe Colin Kaepernick isn't getting a fair shot at playing in the NFL this season.

Jay Cutler was signed by the Miami Dolphins out of retirement while Kaepernick is sitting on a couch.

The Baltimore Ravens have kicked the tires on the former 49ers QB, but have yet to sign him.

The belief is teams are staying away from Kaepernick because of the fact he knelt down during the National Anthem last year and the NFL teams don't want a distraction. If they guy can play does it really matter what his beliefs are?

Spike Lee is now promoting a rally for Kaepernick and put out a flyer on his Twitter account Tuesday morning.

According to

It's unclear whether Kaepernick is involved in the rally or even wants it to happen. Some would say that the rally is another example of the "distractions" Kaepernick would bring to the locker room, even though he has never said or done anything that is either against the law or against NFL rules.

There was only one little problem with the flyer, Kaepernick's name was spelled wrong.

How the heck does this happen? Shouldn't someone, somewhere proof read this before it was sent out to the over 700,000 Twitter followers Spike Lee has?

Anyway I would assume that this will be fixed but in the meantime someone isn't pleased.

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