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Senate GOP Facing Criticism Following Insulin Cap Vote

(CBS DETROIT) -- "Anytime you don't have your insulin it's always life-threatening," said Mari Tinsley, a diabetic.

Tinsley says high insulin prices can cost a life.

"My friends, my neighbors, they don't know what to do and they're crying," Tinsley said.

"They are actually crying because they're suffering. They're going into these diabetic comas and all, yes. You know heart trouble. When you don't have that insulin that affects your vital organs."

She's been living with diabetes for over 20 years and witnessed prices skyrocket.

"Do I feed my children or do I go get my insulin," Tinsley said.

"So at the rate it is now, there's no choice. I'm going to go get this food and feed my children. You know, I may be in the process of falling out, because I can't afford my insulin while I'm trying to prepare for my children."

In the last two decades, Insulin soared from $20 a vial to $250.

Sunday Senate Republicans blocked a $35 monthly cap on the drug for people on private insurance.

The amendment is one of 30 presented in the Inflation Reduction Act.

But seniors 65 and up on medicare will benefit from the cap.

"Your balance is off, you can think, but everything processes a little bit slower," Tinsley said.

"Ok, whereas two plus two is four. To me, if my sugar is off, two plus two... hmmm... oh, four. It affects you like that."

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was not available for an interview.

His office released a statement on the vote that reads:

"The parliamentarian had already ruled that Democrats could not include these price controls in their bill. So Democrats had the Senate vote on whether to let them break the rules. Of course Senator McConnell voted no. Second, these price controls would just shift the cost into higher health insurance premiums, and wouldn't do anything to lower the price for uninsured people either. What Senator McConnell supported is an amendment that would directly help low-income Americans afford epipens and insulin regardless of their insurance status. That's what will help people and that's what Senator McConnell supports."

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