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Second Shipment Of Baby Formula To Arrive In US, Abbott To Restart Plant June 4

(CNN) - There is now a better idea of when more baby formula will show up in stores, as Abbott says it'll reopen the plant at the heart of a nationwide recall June 4.

Supplies should start hitting store shelves about two weeks later.

In the meantime, the second flight of the Biden Administration's "Operation Fly Formula" lands today.

"It was heart wrenching because her face just turned blue and she was just so limp in my arms," said Jessica Reyes, Grandmother

This woman says her three-month-old granddaughter had a life-threatening allergic reaction to a new kind of baby formula.

The girl's mother says she had switched brands due to the shortage.

To help such families, the second round of "Operation Fly Formula," arrives today.

"About a million, the equivalent of a million eight-ounce containers, will end up on store shelves two weeks sooner than they would otherwise," said Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture.

The British company Kendal Nutricare, now has FDA permission to send another two-million cans in June, and, the Department of Transportation is relaxing regulations for truckers helping with the shortage.

Meanwhile, Abbott says it will reopen the plant at the center of a nationwide recall on June 4.

"We'll begin to see hopefully more supply in the next couple weeks, and over the course of several weeks, we should see a lessening of the tremendous stress people have been feeling," Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture.

The Senate is poised to vote soon, on a $28 million house bill.

It's to help the FDA combat the crisis, but some republicans say they doubt the measure would do much good.

Over in the house today, May 25, formula manufacturers will appear before a subcommittee.

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