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Schwartz Takes On Suh, Says 'There's Nothing To Address'

DETROIT (CBS Detroit) Lions head coach Jim Schwartz said he read the headlines when Texans QB Matt Schaub slammed Ndamukong Suh for allegedly kicking him in the groin during the Thanksgiving game.

But he didn't read any further, Schwartz said, refusing to comment on Schaub's assertion Suh wasn't "Texans worthy" during a call in to the Karsch and Anderson show Tuesday morning on 97.1 The Ticket.

"I didn't read any more ... He's worried about his team, we're worried about ours, I think we'll just leave it at that," Schwartz said.

He added he wasn't surprised the NFL decided not to suspend Suh for the hit on Schaub.

"It didn't warrant any kind of suspension," Schwartz said. "Suh has done an excellent job of avoiding penalties this year ... That has been commendable."

The coach added he didn't notice the hit on the field, but watching the tapes later, he believed Suh was innocent of misbehavior.

"There is going to be a camera on him on every play ... There are going to be all kinds of things people can interpret any way they want," Schwartz said, adding, "His head was looped in another direction, there are a lot of inadvertent things that happen during the game... there's really no reason for people to believe (it was intentional.)"

Asked if he had a talk with Suh, the coach said: "There's nothing to address."

Talk turned to his own penalty for throwing the red challenge flag onto the field.

"It definitely was an example of me overreacting ... It puts the team in a bad position, it's something that shouldn't happen," Schwartz said.

He also said he's "proud of my team" and pointed out basketball and baseball managers get ejected from games.

"I just made a dumb decision and overreacted and threw the flag before I even had to," the coach said.

He disputed the notion the Lions have been undisciplined this year. "I think we haven't always played our best this year but I don't see us playing without discipline " Schwartz said. "You have to play emotional in the NFL. I'm not going to be a guy who just stand s on the sidelines."

Schwartz said it was his first penalty and "it will definitely be my last."

"It'll be the last time I made this particular mistake," he said.

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