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Schostak Brothers & Co. makes $50K donation to Salvation Army

Schostak Brothers & Co. makes $50K donation to Salvation Army
Schostak Brothers & Co. makes $50K donation to Salvation Army 01:59

(CBS DETROIT) - The Salvation Army is working to get meals in the hands of people who need it most.

It's a part of their Bed and Bread Program, an effort that provides food and shelter to distressed residents.

"It meets people where they're at and not only are people getting a sandwich and a snack item today, but they're also getting a message of hope, said Salvation Army Great Lakes Harbor Light Executive Director Jamie Winkler.

Every day drivers are making stops across Detroit to help feed the homeless and families in need.

"So for families that are living check by check and just trying to make ends meet, it's really difficult and people rely on the Salvation Army to help them through these tough times," Winkler said.

Jeffrey Schostak of the Schostak Brothers and Co. took a ride with the organization to witness their work in the community.

"I have three young kids and couldn't imagine not being able to feed your family and when you hear people coming up and asking for the family plans or their loaf of bread and you just realize you know it's easy to not know that this is out there but it's a problem," Schostak said.

Getting a front row view of the need inspired the real estate developer to do more.

"So whether you need one meal, two meals, family meals, the fact that the Salvation Army Bed and Bread Club was whatever you need, it wasn't like hey we can only give you x,y and z, they just give you what you need and they'll make it work somehow," Schostak said.

Schostak Brothers and Co. made a $50,000 contribution to the Bed and Bread program to help fund the organization's efforts.

The donation will help towards deliveries and wrap around services.

"Just one of those things that you really felt good being a part of that you're really, truly helping people," Schostak said.

Organizers say the generous donation will bring relief to thousands experiencing hard times.

"We're here to partner with your family, to keep your family together, housed and fed," Winkler said.

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