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Scene In Detroit: Blog World

By Amelia Kanan, CBS Detroit Blogger 

The three coffee shops in Detroit (and yes, I am being sarcastic) are filled with people sipping their artisan bevies on their laptops ... while blogging. So, who are all these people and what are their blogs? There are TONS of Detroit blogs, and I think it's time to give a few of them some well-deserved props.

Some blogs are updated frequently, some have gone by the wayside, but so many of them were helpful in my move to Detroit by helping me get involved with the city and learn the ins and outs. I want to give thanks and respect to a all these fellow Detroit writers who have helped get me by entertaining me and teaching me something new. I hope you find something that does the same for you!

Detroitblog is written by a Metro Times writer and chronicles personal stories about the random and unique people that make up Detroit's population. It's funny, sometimes sad and always entertaining.

Detroit Moxie makes Detroit look so fun (because it is so fun) by giving you "news you can use" aka events and interesting things happening around this happening city. Detroit Half Full is cut from that same positive cloth.

Although I am not an advocate of the abandoned-building-photography-exploitation, I have to admit that I've enjoyed almost every post of Forgotten Detroit, which is written with the love of architecture and history.

Positive Detroit is newsworthy, quick to read and makes you feel excited to be a Detroiter

Technically, Historic Detroit is not a blog's one of my favorite go-to architectural guide for finding the stories behind the buildings of Detroit.

If you've never heard of Sweet Juniper -- I wouldn't admit that to anyone, and would let the obsession begin.

Motorcity Muckraker: "A muckraker is a watchdog who exposes the truth by digging below the surface and exposing wrongdoing. Some one whose sole purpose is to advocate reform and change. A muckraker is a voice for the voiceless and a soldier for the working-class. You won't find an independent muckraker at a corporate-owned newspaper.

Here, you will get the truth – the good, the bad, the ugly."

For the foodie culture enthusiasts, Gourmet Underground Detroit is unpretentiously pretentious.

You don't need to be a foodie or a hipster to appreciate Eat it Detroit.

Postcards from Detroit is an interesting art blog by an oil painter who treats his canvas like a journal. His small paintings are beautiful and for sale!

I Am Young Detroit's blog helped me immensely when I first moved back to Detroit.

Last but not least, The Night Train has been a long-time favorite of mine. Modest blogger Amy Elliott Bragg admits to not being a historian but because she is a sucker for a good story she has a way of making small historic tales of Detroit special.

I know I left some out but ... I have to keep you wanting more, right?

Amelia Kanan is freelance writer/photographer and a returning native of Detroit. A graduate of Columbia College in Chicago, she wrote for an Emmy nominated sketch comedy show and pursued her passion for documentary filmmaking in Los Angeles. An incomplete list of her loves: books, human rights, improv, the smell of new shoes, talking to strangers, libraries, France, yoga, furniture, music, sociology and pushing the limits.

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