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Reminder: Shoveling Snow Back Onto Street Could Land You In Jail

SOUTHFIELD (WWJ) -  A warning is being issued to those who shovel or plow snow back into the street: Don't do it.

Removing the snow often becomes a big issue after winter storms like we saw on Friday, which left up to 9 inches of snow in some areas.

"All over town, people -- either private contractors or businesses or in some cases, individuals -- will shovel their parking lots, driveways, et cetera, and push the snow back into the road," Oakland County Road Commission spokesman Craig Bryson previously told WWJ's Sandra McNeill.

The problem is it is actually illegal under Michigan law (section 257.677(a) of the Michigan Vehicle Code) to shovel or plow snow or ice onto any road or highway, or to deposit snow on a road or road shoulder in such a way that it blocks motorists' views of traffic.

Doing so is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of $100 or up to three months in jail. But Bryson says they're not seeking to have anyone punished.

"It can be a safety issue if people driving along don't expect to have a bump or a pile or snow in their route," he said. "Secondly, if it's severe enough, we have to go back and re-plow that section of road, which means our trucks can't be somewhere else doing other important tasks."


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