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Pro-Palestinian march takes to Hamtramck streets

Pro-Palestinian march takes to Hamtramck Streets
Pro-Palestinian march takes to Hamtramck Streets 01:37

HAMTRAMCK, Mich. (CBS DETROIT) - A march in Hamtramck took place Sunday afternoon, where participants called for what they say is the U.S. funding war crimes in the Middle East.

"We really wanted to make sure we were harnessing the energy of the Hamtramck community," said one marcher. 

Some organizers spoke before the march at Veteran's Memorial Park in Hamtramck, calling for a ceasefire in Gaza, while others shared stories of their past.

Ismail Noor is a Palestinian activist in metro Detroit, and not only did he address the crowd, he said he wants to be a part of the next generation of activists, which is why he takes part in marches like this one.

"These people are concerned about that and concerned about also the stand that the White House and this administration has taken all along the genocide in Palestine. They come here to raise their voice and let people know what they think," Noor told CBS News Detroit.

CBS News Detroit also received a statement from the Jewish Community Relations Council saying, 

"The Jewish community in Metro Detroit and around the world believes in Israel's right and duty to defend itself and calls on Hamas to immediately release the hostages. We also grieve the loss of all innocent lives - both Israeli and Palestinian.

Israel is not waging a war against Palestinians - it is waging a war against the terrorist regime, Hamas. The same violent organization, committed in its charter to ending the Jewish state and killing Jews, is responsible for the most murderous day suffered by the Jewish people since the Holocaust.

Israel continues to do everything in its power to minimize Palestinian civilian casualties in what is a difficult and painful war. This is contrary to Hamas, who intentionally targets Israeli civilians while using Palestinian civilians as human shields. We urge Hamas to forfeit all of its military bases located in civilian areas in order to save precious Palestinian lives and prevent further destruction.

We also call on Hamas - for the sake of Israelis and Palestinians - to surrender. Put down your arms and rockets, leave your hundreds of miles of tunnels, and give up your civilian shields, including the hostages. With the end of Hamas control, lives of Palestinians and Israelis will be saved from continuing terror. The end of Hamas control is an essential step towards peaceful, dignified coexistence for all people in the region, including both Israelis and Palestinians."

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