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President Joe Biden Tours GM's Factory Zero Plant, Discusses Infrastructure Bill

(CBS DETROIT)- President Joe Biden touring the country to promote his build back better plan, Wednesday he visited Detroit to tour GM's new Factory Zero plant.

President Biden arrived in Detroit around 230 Wednesday afternoon. Greeted by Lt. Governor Gilchrist and other dignitaries.

Two days after signing a historic infrastructure bill, Biden in town for the grand opening of GM's Factory Zero EV plant in Hamtramck.

Along with touring the plant, GM workers explained exactly how EV's are constructed there.

"In the auto industry, Detroit's leading the world in Electric vehicles," Biden said.

Just 20 months ago the announcement was made that the 40 year old Detroit/Hamtramck plant would be transformed into Factory Zero, and be dedicated to produce all electric vehicles. Biden test drove the GMC Hummer EV that was made there.

"That Hummer's one hell of a vehicle," said Biden.

As part of Biden's Infrastructure bill Michigan will receive several billion dollars for roads, bridges and public transportation. Another $110 million is dedicated to EV stations.

"I happen to drive an electric car so I'm really excited that in the bill there's money for 500,000 charging stations, my grandkids are in Wisconsin so I'm excited that I may be able to charge my car along the route," said, Bruce Fealk, Rochester Hills resident, Supports Build Back Better Plan

The Build Back Better Plan also includes replacing lead pipes for cleaner drinking water, more education opportunities for all and improving infrastructure.

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