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Oakland County Sheriff's Office releases warning about iPhone's new NameDrop feature

CBS News Detroit Digital Brief for Nov. 29, 2023
CBS News Detroit Digital Brief for Nov. 29, 2023 03:57

(CBS DETROIT) - The Oakland County Sheriff's Office issued a warning about the new "NameDrop" feature on the new iOS 17 software update.

When anyone updates their iPhone, the new feature is defaulted to on, which is prompting authorities to warn people about it. 

What is NameDrop?

The new feature, which is part of AirDrop, allows iPhone users to share contact information with other iPhones or Apple watches they come in close contact with. 

This information can include a name, phone number, photo and email address. 

According to Apple, when two iPhones are held close together, NameDrop will appear on the screen, and a user can choose to share their contact information and receive the other person's.

To cancel this, the iPhones must be moved away from each other, or the phone screens must be locked before the information transfer is complete. 

Oakland County Sheriff issues warning about NameDrop

The Oakland County Sheriff's Office, along with authorities across the country, released warnings about using this feature, as it can give people with bad intentions easier access to people's personal information. 

They said while it provides an easier way to share information, many people may not be aware of the feature or how it works. 

"And yes, we know that it allows you to share it, and you can refuse, but many people do not check their settings and realize how their phone works," said the Oakland County Sheriff's Office on Facebook. "This particular setting defaults to on rather than have you opt in. And again, it is the area where you also decide who can access AirDrop."

In addition, the sheriff's office also reminds parents to check these settings on their children's iPhones.

How to shut off the NameDrop feature

To turn off the new NameDrop feature, follow these steps: 

  • Go to settings 
  • Click General
  • Click AirDrop
  • Toggle Bring Devices Together off
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