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New Whirlpool Microwave Listens To Your Popcorn, Stops Automatically

BENTON HARBOR (WWJ) -- There's only one way to make sure you don't burn the microwave popcorn -- stand next to the microwave and turn it off when the popping stops.

Well, technology marches on -- now you don't have to. Benton Harbor's Whirlpool Corp. is introducing a new, high-tech microwave that includes sound sensors. It does the listening for you, and turns off when the popcorn is done.

Whirlpool's new over-the-range microwave features what the company calls AccuPop. The microwave listens to the popcorn as it cooks, adapting cooking time automatically. When the bag has reached popping perfection, the heating stops.

The microwave is 1.9 cubic feet in size and offers other advanced features -- a convection system called "TimeSavor Plus" that uses a rear fan and heating element that circulates preheated air over, under and around food, producing moist cakes and juicy meats; steam cooking with a microwave steamer; and a non-stick interior branded "CleanRelease" that allows for easy cleaning without having to resort to harsh chemical cleansers.

The price? Well, it's a little bit more than your average discount store dorm room unit. Well, actually it's a lot more -- suggested retail prices start at $519.

Whirlpool Over The Range Microwave - AccuPop™ Cycle by Whirlpool USA on YouTube

More at this website, and there's also a YouTube demo video.

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