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Motor City Mustangs Building & Recruiting For Cross-Country Play

DETROIT (WWJ) - It's just kicking off,  but the men who protect and serve are remembering how to play the game of football.

"You know some of us haven't played in a long time," said one cop.

And on the first day of practice, the semi-pro Motor City Mustangs show their horsepower as the newest edition to the National Public Safety Football League.

"Twenty-four teams from New York to Los Angeles," said one team member.

Fifteen strong: Detroit Police Officer Wilbur Medley and his partner Officer Levon Adams said they need a few more good men, and they'll take anyone who serves in the public safety sector.

"It's only firefighters, police officers, EMS, military and first responders," said one player.

And these Motor City Mustangs are preparing with rewards and punishments.

"That was a punishment, you give up a touchdown - you've got seven push-ups. If you score a touchdown you get to laugh at them and they do the push-ups. So the goal is not to do push-ups if you can  help it," said one teammate.

These officers of the law say it's fun for all, and football is a perfect way to blow off steam and show another side of the badge.

"Police officers aren't big mean guys who carry guns and lock you up. We actually want to be considered ... athletes and ... good people," added Medley.

They are currently  practicing at Taylor Sportsplex  and are looking for coaches and assistants.

For more information on the Motor City Mustangs and how to get involved -- click on motorcityfootball or email

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