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Michigan State students and faculty reflect one year after mass shooting

Michigan State students and faculty reflect one year after mass shooting
Michigan State students and faculty reflect one year after mass shooting 02:42

EAST LANSING, Mich. (CBS DETROIT) - Michigan State University students, faculty and staff say they are feeling heightened emotions as Tuesday marks one year since a gunman killed three students and injured several more

Many will look to the community, and many will feel the need to be alone as they reflect on the day. 

There isn't a right way to grieve or reflect, but the MSU community is using Tuesday as a day to remember the lives lost in the shooting. 

Flowers are spread across the Spartan statue, and notes are nestled between shrubbery as a community finds faith this Feb. 13. 

"Some days are definitely better than others," said Emily Hoyumpa, a student government leader at MSU. 

Hoyumpa and many other students CBS News Detroit spoke with Tuesday said the grieving doesn't get any easier.

Michigan State University Chief of Police Chris Rozman reflects on one year since campus shooting 04:55

"I hope no other college student, high school, middle school, any student experiences this in education," said Hoyumpa. "You should feel safe when you come to class, and I hope nobody experiences this in general, and there is definitely nothing like this guideline with how you are supposed to feel or what comes after that once you experience that as well."

Hoyumpa says there have been several changes to the school's security measures to make her, her friends, and those on campus safer.

"I have definitely seen a lot of these changes, specifically with the door locks, and I am appreciative of the work MSU has done following, but something that rings true is you can be happy with the work that has been done but acknowledge that there is a lot more work that needs to get done and that is how I am feeling right now," said Hoyumpa.

Since the shooting last year, roughly 1,000 locks have been or will be installed in every classroom. Certain campus buildings will now be restricted and only accessible by key card. 

MSU safety leaders want to make sure there is a centralized system for how they respond to threats to safety and can work quickly and efficiently. 

Students say there isn't a blueprint for how to move on or process the grief. 

"I think I also want them to know again who everyone was, who was lost, who was injured. Just the role people played. You might have seen the phrase Spartans will around here, but not to sound tacky, but when I hear that, I just think Spartans come together," said Jack Harrison, a recent MSU graduate and member of MSU's communications team. 

Berkey Hall and the MSU Union will be lit up green on Tuesday in honor of the Spartans who lost their lives. 

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