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Michigan state lawmakers weigh in on election 2024 strategy

Michigan lawmakers weigh in on election 2024 strategy
Michigan lawmakers weigh in on election 2024 strategy 02:38

LANSING, Mich. (CBS DETROIT) - Democratic heavy hitters will be in Michigan over the weekend as the presidential election creeps closer. 

State lawmakers say the 2024 presidential election will have an impact not just on residents but also on the makeup of our state legislature. 

"What we've been doing in Lansing has certainly been aligning with what President Biden and Vice President Harris have been doing — showing that Democrats want to govern," said Speaker of the Michigan House Joe Tate. 

As of May 17, former President Donald Trump has just a razor's edge of a lead over President Joe Biden, according to polling by 538, Trump is coming in at 41.4% to Biden's 40.7%. It's a gap of just 0.7% that Tate says can be closed. 

"You have to be there. You have to be able to engage in the community, and we've been seeing that," Tate said. "We saw the vice president here last week; we'll see the president here this weekend. The path comes through Michigan; I think it is resonating, and a big part of that is that President Biden is showing up in our community."

Tate hopes voters will come out in support of Democrats in this election cycle because of what he says the Democratic trifecta in our state government has been able to accomplish. The working families tax credit, repealing the pension tax, universal breakfast and lunch for school students, and repealing old laws on abortion are all accomplishments Tate points towards. 

"I think we have this opportunity ahead of us, and that's what we're going to be judged on here in November as well, too," he said. 

On the Republican side, state Rep. Bill G. Schuette says he's not concerned about voters staying home on election day. 

"There's no enthusiasm gap on the Republican side because they've seen the cost of Joe Biden's America," said state Rep. Bill G. Schuette. "That means higher prices for groceries. That means a complete and utter disaster on our southern border. That has serious consequences here at home. So I'm sure the Democrats have a lot of concern about their voters showing up. Republicans don't."

He said costs have been a defining factor for Republicans in connecting with voters. 

"Republicans are connecting with voters every time they go to the grocery store; they go to the gas station," Schuette said. "They have to pay their home heating bills because the cost of living in Joe Biden's America is going through the roof."

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