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Michigan GOP elects new permanent chair

LANSING, Mich. (CBS DETROIT) - The Michigan Republican Party announced Saturday it has elected a new permanent chair. 

Ambassador Pete Hoekstra was elected by the Michigan Republican State Committee in Lansing. 

This comes after the Michigan Republicans voted to remove Kristina Karamo during a meeting after many of the party's leaders called for her resignation following a year of leadership. 

Following the oust, co-chair Malinda Pego served as acting chair. 

Now, a group of Michigan Republicans filed a lawsuit against Karamo on Friday. 

Karamo has since refused to acknowledge the vote, even "brazenly and repeatedly" maintained that she holds the role, according to court documents. She claims the meeting was illegally organized and would only step down if there was a legitimate vote.   

A day before the lawsuit was filed, Karamo sent a cease and desist notice to Pego and other committee members, alleging defamation of character.  

According to the notice, which was posted on MIGOP's website, Karamo accused certain members of "spreading inaccurate and unfounded information."

Karamo threatened a lawsuit if the party did not cease the alleged statements.

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