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Michigan Matters: The presidential contest comes to the Great Lakes State

Michigan Matters: The presidential contest comes to the Great Lakes State
Michigan Matters: The presidential contest comes to the Great Lakes State 24:21

(CBS DETROIT) - Michigan's presidential primary is taking place this Tuesday as the roundtable of Ed Sarpolus of Target Insyght, Tonya Schuitmaker and Christine Greig, former state legislators, appear on Michigan Matters to discuss and dissect this historic contest.

Sarpolus talked about the Michigan Republican Party and caucuses planned for early March, as a result of an ongoing leadership battle at the top and said it could complicate Tuesday's GOP primary results.

Schuitmaker, State Republican Lead of Michiganders For Civic Resilience, and Greig, State Democratic Lead of the organization, discussed the launch of that organization in Michigan. It traces its roots to former President Jimmy Carter's Foundation and former President Gerald R. Ford's Foundation in Grand Rapids.

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley, who is on Tuesday's ballot, will be in Oakland County this Sunday and Monday in Grand Rapids campaigning for votes.

Former President Donald Trump was in Oakland County campaigning last Saturday. He said during that stop, whoever wins Michigan will walk away with the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue this November.

Vice President Kamala Harris was also in Grand Rapids on Thursday along with Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, campaigning for Biden as they talked about abortion choice and its importance.

Polly Peltier/CBS Detroit

Then, Trevor Pawl, 41-year-old former Chief Mobility Officer for the State of Michigan, appears on the show to talk about stepping away from that high-profile job and traveling much of this past year with his young family to find more work-life balance.

He did a TEDx talk in Detroit this fall after they returned and is teaching an economics class at the University of Detroit Mercy and also helping a few start-up companies in Michigan.

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(Carol Cain is the 13-time Emmy-winning senior producer and host of Michigan Matters)

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