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Michigan Matters: Talking with Detroit power couple Arn and Nancy Tellem

Michigan Matters host Carol Cain talks with Detroit power couple Arn and Nancy Tellem
Michigan Matters host Carol Cain talks with Detroit power couple Arn and Nancy Tellem 02:59

(CBS DETROIT) - Detroit Pistons Chairman Arn Tellem and Nancy Tellem, founder of BasBlue, came to the Motor City eight years ago and have made a major difference across the community, as they talked about on CBS Detroit's Michigan Matters.

The Tellems, both attorneys, had ultra successful  careers in Los Angeles, where Arn was a renowned sports agent representing the likes of NBA Stars Jalen Rose and Kobe Bryant, and Nancy Tellem, an entertainment executive involved in the launch of such TV shows including "Friends," "Survivor" and "NCIS." 

The couple sat with senior producer and host Carol Cain and talked about coming to Detroit after Arn Tellem was tapped by Tom Gores, who purchased the Pistons franchise, to oversee it. 

Arn Tellem explains why he leaped agent to the front office. 

Rochester Hills Bryan Barnett, Denise IIitch and Oakland County Executive Dave Coulter with Carol Cain

Nancy Tellem explained why she founded BasBlue – a gathering place for women across Metro Detroit to network. 

Arn Tellem also discusses the Pistons' current season, which has far more "L"s than "W"s, and he explains what it will take to turn the team around. 

Then, the roundtable of Denise Ilitch, CEO of Ilitch Enterprises, Rochester Hills Mayor Bryan Barnett and Dave Coulter, Oakland County Executive, appear to discuss the impact of the 2024 NFL Draft, which will be held in Detroit in April. 

Ilitch, whose family owns the Detroit Red Wings and Detroit Tigers, discussed when the Red Wings season was so bad after her late father, Mike Ilitch, purchased the team that some fans would attend games wearing bags over their heads in protest. That stopped once the team started winning, as they would go on to win a few Stanley Cups. 

She talked about that time as the roundtable spoke of the Pistons' current season. 

Coulter updated the $244 million the county received from the federal American Rescue Plan to help the county address long-range problems stemming from the pandemic and where those funds are going. 

He talked about the county's focus on helping increase mental wellness. 

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