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WATCH: 'Michigan Matters' Powerhouse 'Mom Squad' Ilitch, Rossman-Kinney, Doyle Don't Hold Back

Michigan Matters: Mother's Day Roundtable Seg 1Michigan Matters: Mother's Day Roundtable Seg 1

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By CBS Detroit

Trailblazing businesswomen Denise Ilitch, Kelly Rossman-McKinney and Anne Doyle discussed the nuances of being working moms and the influence their mothers played in their lives during taping of a special "Michigan Matters" Mother's Day show.

Ilitch, eldest of Marian and Mike Ilitch's seven children, has three children. She is also CEO of Ilitch Enterprises, CEO of a jewelry design business and regent at University of Michigan.

"I learned the importance of a strong work ethic," said Ilitch. "My mom did not just talk about it but really walked the walk. She and my dad are the hardest workers I have known in my lifetime."

Rossman-McKinney, who started her PR firm a few decades ago, has grown to include offices in Lansing, Detroit and Grand Rapids. She is CEO of the firm.

Rossman-McKinney who has four children, is the oldest of three siblings. Her mom, Melva Hanna, 81, lives in North Carolina.

"I learned from my mother to always do your very best and never quit halfway through a job. Be practical and be generous with your time, when you have it, and your money, even if all you can spare is a dollar," Rossman-McKinney said.

"She is an amazingly practical, hilarious woman and I really best learned from her is that humor can save almost any situation," Rossman-McKinney added.

Doyle,one of the first female TV sports broadcasters in the country. (WJBK TV2, 1978-84) and former Ford executive, whose late father was Vince Doyle, was also a well known sportscaster.She said her late mother, Isabel Molloy Doyle, "She had a profound influence on me."

The eldest of seven siblings, Doyle said of her mom, "At the top of a long list is how to courageously and effectively stand up to authority and encouraging her children to travel the world and energetically engage as global citizens."

Doyle, who has a 22-year-old son, also wrote a book about women called "Powering Up! How America's Women Achievers became Leaders."
Carol Cain, senior producer and host of "Michigan Matters," mentioned how her late mother, Ruth Cain, who passed away in November 2011 and also had seven children, taught her about tenacity and determination no matters the circumstances.

You can watch "Michigan Matters" 11:30 a.m. Sunday on CBS 62.

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