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Michigan Matters: Patterson On Bolger, 'I Don't Want To Talk To That B***ard'

On the "Michigan Matters" roundtable -- with Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson, businesswoman Denise Ilitch, and Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano --  Patterson made his distaste clear for House Speaker Jase Bolger and addressed the fallout of his comments.

Patterson recently referred to state House speaker Jase Bolger as "Adolf" as cameras rolled for the latest edition of the weekly "Off the Record."

On May 3, Patterson issued an apology via Twitter to the Jewish community -- reassuring that he had no intention of making an anti-Semetic statement.

How did the apology to Bolger unfold? "Did you call him up or send him a Tweet or email?" asked Cain.

"I know I didn't call him up," Patterson said indignantly. "I didn't want to talk to that bastard," he said under his breath as the roundtable let out a chuckle.

Realizing the over the top nature of the Hitler reference -- Patterson said he could have plugged in any malevolent dictator. "In retrospect I could have used Idi Amin or Kim Jong Il ..." he explained.

According to Patterson, Bolger jumped to conclusions when he accused him of being anti-Semetic. "That's wrong man. That's so wrong," said Patterson.

Turning back to the auto insurance reform at the heart of the debate Patterson said, "The issue about repealing no-fault is an absolute one-way ticket to a nursing home and ultimately you curl up and die."

During the show Patterson also challenged Gov. Rick Snyder to a verbal duel at the Detroit Economic Club.

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Tim Richey, Martin Mayhew and Carol Cain (credit: CBS 62)

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Plus, Maureen Meldrum, Director of Special Programs at The Karmanos Cancer Institute, is here to talk about the Komen Race for the Cure event.

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Michigan Matters: Mayhew and Karmanos Seg 4Michigan Matters: Mayhew and Karmanos Seg 4

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