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Michigan Matters: Is civility in politics history?

Michigan Matters: Is civility in politics history?
Michigan Matters: Is civility in politics history? 24:23

(CBS DETROIT) - Rochester Hills Mayor Bryan Barnett, CEO Denise Ilitch and Rocky Raczkowski, former Chair of the Oakland County Republican Party, appear on CBS Detroit's Michigan Matters this Sunday as they talk about the presidential contest as it plays out in the vital swing state of Michigan.

And the important topic of civility in politics is also discussed.

The trio talks about key issues that continue to engulf the two presumptive party presidential nominees—President Joe Biden and the issue of age and former President Donald Trump Biden and his lawsuits—and how they will ultimately factor in with the electorate.

The issue of abortion and IVF was also discussed during the roundtable, along with thoughts on how they might sway voters this fall.

Matt Grossmann, Tanya Schuitmaker and Rudy Hobbs with Michigan Matters host Carol Cain.  Tim Lawlis/CBS Detroit

Then, Matt Grossmann, director of MSU's Institute of Public Policy & Social Research, which includes the non-partisan Michigan Political Leadership Program; Tonya Schuitmaker, a GOP co-director of MPLP; and Rudy Hobbs, a Democrat co-director of MPLP, appear to discuss politics, young people, and more.

The unique MPLP program is a 10-month weekend non-partisan program that trains 14 fellows each year for careers in politics and elected office.

The three touched on civility, and Hobbs mentioned the tenuous climate has turned off more than a few folks from considering elected office as a career.

Grossmann, a prolific author, has written a new book to be published later this year looking at the education levels of folks belonging to the Grand Old Party and the Democratic Party. He said noticeable shifts had taken place.

They also talked about the 29th Annual MPLP Fundraising Dinner being held on Tuesday, April 16 at Lansing Center, when Politico's Senior Editor Jonathan Martin will take to the stage with me as we talk about politics—near and far—before 600 folks. 

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(Carol Cain is the 13-time Emmy-winning senior producer and host of Michigan Matters)

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