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Michigan Matters: Going one-on-one with Michigan GOP Chair Pete Hoekstra

Michigan Matters: Going one-on-one with Michigan GOP chair Pete Hoekstra
Michigan Matters: Going one-on-one with Michigan GOP chair Pete Hoekstra 24:22

(CBS DETROIT) - Former Ambassador to the Netherlands  Pete Hoekstra, now chair of the Michigan GOP, talks about the state of the Grand Old Party, Donald Trump and his chances in Michigan and the red hot U.S. Senate on Michigan Matters. 

Hoekstra, who was endorsed by Trump for the Republican leadership position in February over incumbent Kristina Koramo, also talked about the faction of the party still loyal to her.

Hoekstra said he talks to Trump every few weeks and explained why the former president is gaining speed in the presidential contest against Democrat incumbent  Joe Biden.

Jim Holcomb, Denise Ilitch, Thomas Stallworth III and Michigan Matters host Carol Cain.  Polly Peltier/CBS Detroit

The roundtable of CEO Denise Ilitch, Jim Holcomb, president and chair of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, and Tommy Stallworth, a former state representative, discuss the presidential contest and the impact of Mr. Biden and Trump visiting Michigan regularly now.

Stallworth talked about Adam Hollier, who came up short in getting enough signatures to qualify for August's Democratic primary in the 13th Congressional race where he would have faced incumbent Shri Thanedar.

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(Carol Cain is the 13-time Emmy-winning senior producer and host of Michigan Matters)

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