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Michigan Matters: Film Incentives Making a Comeback?

Southfield (CBS Detroit) - Michigan once had the most lucrative film incentives in the nation in 2008 but were ended in 2015. Now, some state legislators are trying to bring a modified version back as Peter Klein, Secretary-Treasurer of Michigan Film Industry Association, talked about on CBS 62's "Michigan Matters."

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Michigan Matters Host Carol Cain, with Peter Klein, Secretary-Treasurer of Michigan Film Industry Association

Klein talked with Carol Cain, Senior Producer/Host, and discussed how MIFIA has been working  with legislators who just introduced a two-tiered tax credit that provides incentives for Michigan-produced commercials as well as film, television and streaming productions.

State Sen. Adam Hollier, D-Detroit, State Sen. Wayne Schmidt, R-Traverse City, Reps. Kyra Bolden, D-Southfield, and Jack O'Malley, R-Lake Ann, are involved with the legislation. Senate Bills-- SB 862-863 – is on its way to the Senate Economic and Small Business Development Committee, while House Bills, HB 5724-5725, is heading to the House Commerce and Tourism Committee.

Production filming in Michigan (Courtesy of Provided by Brian Kelly)

Klein talked how the new initiative is a slimmed down version of what was launched in 2008. For more, see

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Michigan Matters Host Carol Cain, with Edwin Olson, CEO of May Mobility

Ed Olson, CEO of May Mobility, the Ann Arbor based autonomous shuttle company, then appears with Cain to talk about his fast growing company. They are operating autonomous shuttles in Japan and major cities across the nation.

May Mobility's fleet will expand in 2022 to include Toyota Sienna Autono-Maas vehicles, designed for May Mobility's proprietary software called Multi-Policy Decision Making (MPDM).

He talked about the millions in recent investments the company has gained and how it will help their Ann Arbor operation.

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Michigan Matters Host Carol Cain, with Stefan Tongur, VP of Business Development at Electreon

Stefan Tongur, Vice President of Business Development at Electreon, discusses  the company's innovative technology and the EV wireless charging road they will build in downtown Detroit at the Michigan Central Station after winning the contract  from the state of Michigan.

Tongur explained about how it will work and talked about the mobility/innovative hub Bill Ford is championing at the former train station.

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Michigan Matters Host Carol Cain, with Jeff Gilbert, AutoBeat Reporter at WWJ Newradio 950

And Jeff Gilbert, AutoBeat Reporter at WWJ Newsradio 950, appears to talk  how the region is adjusting and gearing up for massive mobility changes.

And he talked about hefty profit-sharing checks that Stellantis, Ford and GM are sharing with their employees, and how it might help the economy.

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