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"A cause for concern": Man warns others about roaming coyotes in Metro Detroit neighborhood

Man warns others about roaming coyotes in Metro Detroit neighborhood
Man warns others about roaming coyotes in Metro Detroit neighborhood 02:20

LATHRUP VILLAGE, Mich. (CBS DETROIT - A creepy crawler is making rounds in one Lathrup Village neighborhood and is causing concern for many.

Neighbors have been on edge as more and more of them hope to avoid a wild coyote that's been on the loose.

"I see a lot of my neighbors taking their trash out at night, and I'm thinking in my head, 'They can't know how many coyotes are out here,'" said resident Terrell Hill.

Hill wants his neighbors to be on high alert. He says coyote sightings have been growing popular, in his neighborhood at least several a month.

Each time, it's scarier especially, since his older parents live one street away.

"They [parents] were looking out their window and across the street, they saw a coyote jump on their neighbor's porch kind of circle around there, and ran off into the woods," Hill said.

One neighbor's doorbell camera caught a glimpse of the quick animal. A concern for Hill, and his family is the danger their small animals or children could face.

 "One of my neighbors saw the coyote actually chasing deer. We've seen a lot of deer in this area; we've seen that number increase greatly, and I believe the coyotes are coming after them," he said.

Wildlife experts tell CBS News Detroit the coyote population hasn't increased recently. But that's a different story when it comes to construction.

"When a new subdivision comes in we're tearing down woods and placing 100-200 homes in that subdivision," said Thomas Bissett, urban district supervisor at the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

For those who may see a coyote, we're told the best thing to do is remain calm, especially with the coyote being more scared of you.

For homeowners like Hill, he believes the city should send out an alert to make sure everyone is aware.

"It's a very nice area. A lot of people do it at night, like walk and jog and things like that, so I just want them to be aware," he said.

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