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Michigan Made: Astouri

Michigan Made: Astouri
Michigan Made: Astouri 02:21

(CBS DETROIT) - "We are a city-based brand that leverages iconic city artwork to really empower women to tell their community story in style," said Christina Liedtke, owner of Astouri.

Christina Liedtke is a bit of a globe trotter. She created Astouri, a women's fashion line that presents Detroit as couture.

"I have been fortunate enough to live in many cities and travel around the world. And when I walk through cities and airports, I never see anything for women, it's T-shirts and hoodies," Liedtke said. "It's a beautiful soft fabric. They're reversible, but I have built-in hips." 

"We take the skyline or, again, another beautiful print. And we put it strategically inside these patterns to really figure out what's going to be really beautiful for the female that's wearing it." 

She's now hoping that her love for the city will be shared by the city. She advocates for people to support small businesses.

"It is so important to the local economy, and it's so important to building up different businesses in these cities. So that it's not just about online sales and where people are getting things," she said. "... Every small business is unique and different in what they're offering it. It's not actually different than restaurants. 

"And so for us to have, you know, for people to support small businesses, get out, go shopping, just don't shop online, get out, visit the stores. You know, drive growth in the cities that they're living in is critical for us to be growing our local economy."

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