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Michigan House Freedom Caucus calls for further investigation into 2020 election

Michigan GOP lawmakers call for new 2020 election probe
Michigan GOP lawmakers call for new 2020 election probe 02:14

LANSING, Mich. (CBS DETROIT) - Members of the conservative Michigan House Freedom Caucus are calling for another investigation into the 2020 election and a look into Dominion Voting Systems and the company's CEO. 

"More and more of our election activities are being outsourced to non-government organizations like Dominion Voting Systems," said former Michigan State Sen. Pat Colbeck. "I can't issue a Freedom of Information Act request for internal communications to Dominion. We didn't have that access until recently."

Colbeck and members of the Michigan House Freedom Caucus say they want an investigation into alleged perjury relating to testimony before the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee in December 2020. 

"We have documented evidence that alleges 15 counts of criminal perjury during that testimony," Colbeck said. "Investigators such as myself and others were able to review that information and connect the dots to a variety of claims made about the 2020 election, including the testimony made by Dominion CEO John Poulos."

In response, one House Democrat said she is surprised to continue having these conversations. 

"There is not any proof of fraud in Michigan's 2020 election," said state Rep. Penelope Tsernoglou. "Quite honestly, I'm surprised that this conversation continues to be brought up by the Republicans. The only instance that I could think of that is related to elections that was fraudulent is we did have some Republicans claim to be false electors."

Multiple recounts in Michigan found that President Joe Biden won the 2020 election by about 150,000 votes. Members of the Freedom Caucus say they have submitted their requests for investigation to the Michigan Attorney General and Secretary of State. 

"There were not any errors with the Dominion voting systems," said Tsernoglou. "I know a number of lawsuits have addressed this, and it's my understanding that Dominion has been successful in all of those lawsuits because there are no problems with the Dominion voting systems."

"These allegations show absolutely no evidence whatsoever of criminal activity of any kind. This is yet another example of how lies about Dominion have damaged our company, subjected officials and Dominion employees to harassment, and baselessly diminished the public's faith in elections. Allegations that Dominion employees anywhere tried to interfere with any election are completely false. Dominion's certified systems remain secure, and we are confident in the security of future elections," said a Dominion spokesperson.  

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