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What's underneath? Michigan couple discovers a 20-foot hole inside their home

Michigan home goes viral for tunnel discovered underneath
Michigan home goes viral for tunnel discovered underneath 02:03

MARYSVILLE, Mich. (CBS DETROIT) — A Michigan home went viral on TikTok after the homeowners documented what they discovered under their indoor jacuzzi.

"I want to jump in first off, I guess, to be honest," said Trevor Gilmartin as he recalled the moment he and his wife Hayley found a hole beneath their hot tub. "We did some testing to make sure the water was OK to get in." 

Ironically, scuba diving is a hobby of both he and his wife, so he had the gear to dive in. The couple documented their discovery on TikTok, where the video has amassed nearly 30 million views. 

But many wondered what the nearly 20-foot-deep hole was.

"Getting in it was like, every inch was OK, I can do this, you know. Nothing's bit me yet," Gilmartin said.

Gilmartin said the conversion into a home happened in 1979. He only knew about the water pumping station from a newspaper clipping passed on to him by the previous owner of the home.

What he didn't know was what lay underneath the jacuzzi on the other side of his living room.

He and his wife tell CBS News Detroit it's still fun to think about other possible historic landmarks the home could have been, even prior to the water pumping station.

"I do not want to cover it up. I know we have a lot of space here that we aren't using. I know we have a lot of space here that we're not using from the house, so if we have to cover it up I'd like to somehow make something that can access it. If I want to, even if for the next 10 years you know," Gilmartin said when discussing possible next steps.

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