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Meet Real Life Ivan Drago; 7-Foot Chinese Boxer Taishan Dong [VIDEO]

By: Evan Jankens

One of my favorite movie quotes has to be from Rocky IV. Ivan Drago's promoter/trainer Nicoli Koloff (who was played by Michael Pataki) while talking to the media in the movie said, "Whatever he hits, he destroys." That was of course in reference to Ivan Drago.

That movie and that line is something I will never forget.

Chinese fighter, Taishan Dong, who is 7 feet tall, has the makings to be the real life Drago, well minus the Russian part.

In the video published by the Bleacher Report it shows "The Great Wall" training for his upcoming fight with Roy McCrary that is set for February 27.

In July of last year, Dong weighed in at 287 pounds. He has a reach of 84 inches. He was named after the mountain in China, which is the highest peak in the country according to Fox Sports 1.

Can Dong put heavyweight boxing back on the map?

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