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Matthew Stafford's Wife Shames Lions Fans, Says Matthew Will Continue To Fight For Detroit

By: Evan Jankens

Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions haven't lived up to the hype surrounding the 2015 team. But that's no reason to burn jerseys or harsh on the team's quarterback, according to his bride.

After a 11-5 season in 2014, many thought they would have another great season and maybe get their first playoff win since 1991.

With the 0-3 start, a majority of fans seem to be blaming Matthew Stafford for the team's slow start.

Friday afternoon, Stafford's wife Kelly took to Instagram to say that she and Matthew won't turn their backs on Detroit, like many have turned their backs on her husband. This appears to follow an incident where a man video taped himself burning a Stafford jersey and put it on Facebook.

Although many in this city have already turned their back on the Lions and Matthew, we will never stop supporting Detroit. No matter how many #9 jerseys people burn or how many negative things people say about these players they will continue to fight for a championship for this city.

Some people might take some serious offense to this post. Personally, I don't have a problem with it and I'm glad to see someone stand by the city. I think the toughest sports jobs in this city are the starting QB for the Lions and the starting goaltender for the Red Wings. Sure, athletes make millions of dollars, but they don't all appear to truly care about their community and give back the way Stafford does. His ESPY speech alone should earn him some lingering credit with fans.

Do you have a problem with this post by Kelly Stafford?

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